Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I want my Issac not an Ishmael

As I was listening to 88.7 FM The Cross a week or so ago I happened to listen during the talk show "It's a Mom Thing". They were sharing the adoption story of a widow. I am not sure how she became a widow, because I  started listening during the middle part of the story. However, she did end up adopting. I loved her story, because she did not have a desire to adopt. Her answer to people was "God hasn't spoken to me about adoption." When people did not understand this response she would tell them, "I want an Issac not an Ishmael."

My heart beamed when she said that! That is exactly how I feel, but I did not know how to put it into words. I can promise you Lance and I want a child of our own more than words can express. However, we know in our hearts that God has a special child for us, just like He did for Abraham and Sarah. In the mean time we are excited to receive the blessings each child brings into our home.

Blessings we have received:

1. We have been able to touch the life of a child who was born 2 months to the date before we were even married.

2. We have been able to touch the life of twins who were born before Lance and I even knew each other existed on this earth.

3. We are learning how to see life through different eyes.

4. We have met some wonderful people through the foster care  system that maybe we would have never crossed paths.

5. We are able to experience parenthood in  unique manner.

Oh! And the lady did end up adopting. Her story was amazing! Readers' Digest Version:

Her and a friend were talking about a possible adoption situation. That night she dreamed that she met someone at a gas station and picked up a curly head boy. A few days later she had a lady come to her front door asking for help. The widow helped the lady and then the lady told her she wanted her (the widow) to adopt her child. They met at a GAS STATION and the BOY had CURLY HAIR. (chill bumps!) God's power is amazing!