Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Year Ago

This weekend, one year ago, a sweet little blond hair, blue eyed, scared girl came into our home. That Friday night we bought Tinker Bell sheets and comforter, a Tinker Bell night light, a Tinker Bell doll, a pink lamp, a princess bed time story book, and the list goes on. It was like having a new born child brought into our home. Everything was new, everything was exciting... even those wild temper tantrums that some of you were able to experience with us! We helped her to overcome her fear of water, we taught her how to love, and we showed her what "family" is really all about.

One year ago, we were lied to by a foster care worker. We were told this little girl who stole our hearts would soon be available for adoption. So, maybe we did allow ourselves to become more attached than normal. BUT if you know Lance and me, then you know how dear children are to our hearts, and getting attached was inevitable.

One year and 2 1/2 months ago we had to say good-bye to this sweet, blond hair, blue-eyed, brave girl. In 2 1/2 months she grew in her ability to face her fears, accept new things, and in love. She was only 4 years old when she came and went. She left 10 days shy of her 5th birthday, although our family and friends gave her the best birthday!

Two weeks ago as school was ending she came to my mind. I pray that she survived Kindergarten and will start 1st grade in August. I pray that one day she will remember Mrs. Becka and Mr. Lance, and the love we gave to her last summer.

Some pictures I finally feel comfortable sharing of our summer time together...

 A project we did together; a memory for us

 One of the many times swimming in Mr. George's pool

Her favorite activity!

 Fun with friends @ church


Having fun... mudding!

Trip the Aquarium in New Orleans

On top of Mt. Magazine!
One of our 2 trips to Arkansas

Our story does not end with this one little girl, it began with her. We know God has a purpose for us, but just like everyone we won't know until it is meant to be known.

~ Becka

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Home Sweet...

Home? What's that? I guess we will go with the old adage "Home is where the heart is." We are closing on the house next week. Although many respond with "that's great!" when I tell them we accepted an offer on our house only after 16 days of being on the market, I am having a difficult time to find the greatness.

It's funny how often times we continue to think we can plan it all out and it's going to work the way we planned it. 

So, my idea of selling the house was that it would happen in the following order: 

* Go on the market in late spring
* Start building on our land
* Get an offer around the first of the school year, when our house is almost finished
* Move out and into the new place by Christmas
* Have our new home sweet home


* Go on the market in early spring
* Don't have a clue as to what we are going to do if it sales
* Get an offer during Spring Break, that we could not refuse!
* Close on or before May 17th (thankfully, it's getting closer to May 17th!)
* Move into his parents house 
* Still have no clear idea of where we will live...

God has a plan, even when ours fails. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Open the Eyes of my Heart

This week has been revival at our church. And let me just say I am being revived! I have not had this kind of encounter with my Lord in a long while. God is truly blessing me through the preacher and the music.

The first night the preacher spoke out of 1 Samuel. If you know this book, then you know this book starts off with how Hannah could not have children, and she prayed and prayed. Her husband favored her and he prayed and prayed. God did bless them with Samuel. In turn Hannah returned him to serve with Eli in the temple. Well, the preacher starts off giving this background and states "there is something in a woman that is never satisfied until she becomes a mother." OH, how I know this oh so well. I know my God has a plan for me (us), because it is promised in His word He left for us.

Tonight (being the 3rd night) the song "Open the Eyes of my Heart" was sung. This brought back memories of a precious 4 year old, blonde head, blue eyed girl who stole our hearts (& the hearts of many friends and family) last summer. Some nights I would rock her, because it is how she slept peacefully (and honestly whatever it takes is whatever it takes). This was one of the songs I would sing. I sung it as more of a prayer for me and for her. I wanted God to show me life through her eyes. I wanted God to let me see love through the eyes of my heart.

Our hearts will forever be changed by "Pretty in Pink- Boots".

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You

~ Becka 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving Forward

Once again we (Lance & I) have come to and through a crossroads in our life together as one.

We were told about a month ago that the "first round" of medication did not react the way it was suppose to with my body. The doctor wanted to do another round "differently". This meant another month of waiting and more money. This also meant we never even made it to the retrieval or transfer stages.

Lance & I decided that we did not feel it was right to place anymore time or money into the doctor.  So, we chose to stop with IVF and move forward. This had to be the most difficult decision we have made together so far. To us this means that we are done with the doctors. We are never going to revisit IVF. Even as I type these words it is hard on my heart to handle, but I know we chose right.

Now where are we moving forward to? That is a great question. We really don't know, and honestly I am so unsure it scares me when I think about it all. The things that we do know is that this experience brought us closer to each other and that we still love each other. As Lance likes to say, "This is just another test."

Will we continue to do foster care? Eventually. Right now we are taking a break from everything and just being us.

Will we ever adopt? The answer is the same as before...If God presents it to us in His timing, then we will open our heart and home.

I know many did not agree with us doing IVF, but it wasn't your decision to make. In this journey we have found peace in knowing that God's plans are bigger than our plans AND peace in knowing that IVF was not our journey to complete.

Thank you all for the prayers and continued prayers. God has a plan for us even though we may not see it now, but I know my God and I know He never fails in His promises.

~ Becka

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Peace comes in many different forms. Peace signs, peace of mind, Peace: Not War...

This week we received peace of mind. Did we receive understanding? No. I believe we will never understand the things that happen in our lifetime here on Earth. Our understanding will come when we enter the gates of Heaven. Although I know I personally have a list of things I want to ask God, I believe I will forget them when I am forever standing in His glory.

A few weeks ago I was pouring my heart out to my preacher's wife about everything going on with the I.V.F. and my concerns. She brought to my attention that no matter what we would find peace in the outcome. We would have the peace of having our own biological child or peace in knowing that we tried everything we could with the doctor. 

The peace we received this week is that we have peace in knowing that we tried everything we could with the doctor. 

We are done trying to have our own child/children. Yes, I have peace and yes, my heart is broken. I know God has a plan for us. Right now I feel like I'm not sure what that plan is, except to be the wife to my husband that God has shown me to be in His word. 

So... we keep running the race, because our prize is yet to come. 

Thank you for the prayers. 

Love to all,


Sunday, February 24, 2013


Warning! Warning! Warning! 

I have completed Day 3 of my stimulation calendar. I go tomorrow for blood work, then back again Wednesday. I'm not sure when from there. However; I am noticing some changes in already. I'm not complaining, just sharing so you can laugh along with me, because I'm definitely laughing at myself these days. 

Here's a list (I love lists!):

1. I am sensitive. 

2. My definition of sensitive: I cry over anything, get emotional over anything, and may get angry just over spilling milk. 

3. I am HOT! 
The it's 52 degrees outside and I'm wearing capris, flip flops, and a sleeveless shirt to church type of hot. Oh! And I'm running the A.C. 

4. I am more alert. (I'm sure this has to do with the steroid.)

5. My appetite has grown over night (Again, I blame the steroid).
 Let me explain... I ordered a bowl of steamed broccoli and a Triple Decker Club from O'Charley's Saturday... 

I smile at this list, because I know it will bring a blessing. I just feel so blessed to have the opportunity to go through this procedure. I know God is going to bless Lance and I; and I can't wait to see how He's going to do it. I give all praise to Him for making this possible. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Made for Me

I love, love the new Toby Mac c.d., and I love, love his song "Made for Me". Here is my favorite line/stanza.....

But something tells me we’re gonna be OK  
‘Cause she was made for me You gave ‘er to me 
I said I’d hold on loose but I so wanna squeeze you 
Just right for me and for the life of me 
I can’t believe I get to call her mine
  And she was made for me Made for me
  And she was made for me Made for me

As you all know (who journey along with me) Lance and I have taken the road towards IVF. Well, we are getting close to so many new exciting things, which I don't want to share right now. But, there is one thing I want to share. God made Lance for me and me for him. We knew this from the first time, or first few times we met. We continue to learn more about how we were made for each other as we grow as a couple with each other and with God. 

This "trying to have a baby" experience over the past 3.5 years has been an emotional roller-coaster as anyone can imagine or knows from experience. We are at a peak right now with everything good going on. What's most amazing is that it's all in God's timing and I'm glad it's working out that way. 

The scripture came to my heart this morning from Psalm 139: 13-14:

For it was You who
created my inward
You knit me together in my mother's womb. 
I will praise You
because I have been 
remarkably and 
wonderfully made.

Like I said God continues to show us that we were made for one another. Let me just say, without sharing too much information at this time, that I am now 100% sure God made Lance and I for each other. 
29 years ago before Lance was even "knit in [his] mother's womb" and 27 years ago before I was "knit in my mother's womb", God knew. He knew that Lance and I would fall in love. He knew we would have to take this road towards having a family. He knew that we would need each other. He made us for each other before we were "knit in [our mothers'] wombs." 
He is an amazing God and I am glad He is the author of our life together. Looking forward to BIG things in the near future! 

~ Becka

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top of the World

A Carter's song from the oh... 70s?... comes to mind today:

"I'm just sitting on top of the world." 

The first time I heard this song I was in the 4th grade at my best friend Kelly's house in Florence, MS. (Man, we had some fun times together.) It comes to mind today, because I feel like I'm on top of the world. 

My "on top of the world" list: 

1. My husband comes home in 3 days and a wake up!
2. I have completed my Math lessons for NEXT week! (These always seem to take me the longest!)
3. Baked (not burned) cookies.
4.  Completed all my assignments for Week 1 of my class this semester.
 5. One month and 2 days until we start everything with the BR Dr!! 

Feeling overly blessed today! Now on to ELA, Science, and S.S. plans; and cookies and coffee! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ode to 27

On the eve of my 27th birthday I reflect on how much my life has changed in the past 7 years as I went from the "teen" years to being a "real adult". The year I turned 20 is also the year I "screwed my head on straight" according to my Papaw. Why? Because I met the love of  my life! Lance has definitely made the past 7 years of my life amazing! (Technically we met in March of that year.)

The verse comes to mind from Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it."

I'm in no way OLD! I'm only pushing 30 and 30 is NO LONGER "old"! (I don't even think 50 is old anymore!)

 I am celebrating the fact that I have grown in the past 7 years, all thanks to the christian raising from my parents & the love of a husband I never thought was possible.

In this year I am excited, because I am healthier than I have been in the past 7 years, in love more than I could ever imagine, and grasping the understanding that it's not my will, but HIS.

So, here's to 27. May it be a great year and bring many new opportunities!

(My cake that my love made last year)