Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Home Sweet...

Home? What's that? I guess we will go with the old adage "Home is where the heart is." We are closing on the house next week. Although many respond with "that's great!" when I tell them we accepted an offer on our house only after 16 days of being on the market, I am having a difficult time to find the greatness.

It's funny how often times we continue to think we can plan it all out and it's going to work the way we planned it. 

So, my idea of selling the house was that it would happen in the following order: 

* Go on the market in late spring
* Start building on our land
* Get an offer around the first of the school year, when our house is almost finished
* Move out and into the new place by Christmas
* Have our new home sweet home


* Go on the market in early spring
* Don't have a clue as to what we are going to do if it sales
* Get an offer during Spring Break, that we could not refuse!
* Close on or before May 17th (thankfully, it's getting closer to May 17th!)
* Move into his parents house 
* Still have no clear idea of where we will live...

God has a plan, even when ours fails.