Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Father's House

Today, in the middle of class this song popped into my head:

"Come and go with me
to my Father's house,
Come and go with me
to my Father's house..."

Then it was like God was speaking to me.

See, Lance and I have been pursuing a possible adoption since we received a phone call in May (2014). Little things have been progressing over the past few months, slowly, but all in God's timing.

This past week or so we have decided to start preparing a room for the child. We bought a bed, a rug, and put some toys in their to make it their special place. All the while we won't know for several more months where this journey is taking us, and even a few months after that before any adoption would be finalized. So, why are we preparing this room?
                                           1. We want this child to know they have a safe place to come.
                                           2. We want this child to know they are loved.
                                           3. We want to be as ready as possible when the time does come.

Here's the part that relates back to God....

When Jesus was ascending into heaven for the final time, he told his disciples that he was going to prepare a place for them in his father's house. Jesus promises us a place in heaven, even though he knows that not all will receive his gift of salvation.

Here we are, preparing a room, for a child who has already stolen our hearts; and we don't even know the outcome of everything. All we can do is be like Christ and prepare the room. All in God's timing will things come to past. We press on through faith in His will, not ours.

Just a thought that came to me today, and I felt like I needed to share.

Keep the prayers coming!