Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break... ReRe...Uncle Lance... and a new ride

This week was Spring Break for me @ FCCS... We had a wonderful time together. Lance was home which made this extra special, because usually he isn't home on my breaks. We went to MS Sunday. My sis-in-law and nephew were there visiting our family. We kept our nephew until today. Being "Re-Re" and Uncle Lance is fun and adventurous. We took him to the Jackson Zoo with Preslee and Riley on Monday. It turned out colder than we hoped. On Tuesday we brought him home with us. I think he had a good time.... good enough for a 2 year old anyways. He got to wear pull-ups and watch "Woo-y" (Toy Story) as much as he wanted. WE have a difficult time making him "stay potty trained" while he is with us... It's so much easier for us and since we lack experience in that department I think we have a pass on this one... LOL. 

Pics from the Zoo! 

Riding the Train!! Woo Woo! (Uncle Lance, Bren, and Re-Re) 

They wanted to go under the rope and pet the ducks

He wanted to pet the snake :/

Playing in the bubble! 

Bren and Re-Re

On Tuesday we also bought a new car! Lance traded in his truck to get me a Red Chevy Traverse... I love love love it! So now maybe God will bless us with children to fill this vehicle! We have decided we would like to adopt, but not sure where to begin. We are continuing to see His will.... 

Today we had an early morning... 3 AM! I think this old gal is not able to handle this like she use to... but I'll do anything for my love. We left early this morning to first take Lance to Old River (in the middle of nowhere) to catch the boat. He was on the boat by 6:00 this morning. Bren and I headed for Baton Rouge for him to return home to his momma who dearly missed him! We stopped somewhere called Pablo's Cafe in New Roads for breakfast. We had pancakes and bacon.... I'm sure the waitress was thinking "What in the world is this woman doing out with a baby @ 6:30 in the AM?" Then we started on the road again. We made it to his daycare and momma met us there! He was somewhat confused... He did not want to see Re-Re leave, but he was happy to see momma, too! I headed back home and made it home by 11:30. I started a load of laundry and let Stormie out... then it was time to catch some zzzzzz's! I slept from noon to 4... this was not intended, but like I said this old gal can't hang anymore... 

Tomorrow I will end my Spring Break catching up on lesson plans, my school work, and house work.... Only 8 weeks of school left! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blue and pink things...

So, the lovely Mrs. Sandy at church gave me a bag full of blue and pink things tonight (LOVE her for it!). The first thing one of the other ladies says is "OooOoOo blue and pink things... hmmm" and of course she was thinking "baby".... Funny thing is these blue and pink things are just an Easter craft she found in her stuff.

Which I guess leads me to the reason I started this blog in the first place.... blue and pink things....

Even though these words "It's all about the journey" are the last words of my Memaw I take them to heart in every situation. I try to meditate on the fact that God has a plan and it's the journey we choose to take or allow Him to guide us on that makes it all worth the while.

Right now we have currently been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half. Now some may say "God is waiting for you to finish school" or "Just stop thinking about it and it will happen." ...  sometimes the best thing is to just say "I'm praying for you", because I promise that if I don't know what else to say I do know how to pray.

So... blue and pink things make my heart ache... especially when I see them on children who's parents could care less or who are the faces of my students who don't know what a true parents' love could be like... I know God has a plan for us and one day we will look back and laugh at how much we were concerned with our current situation. Right now I rely on His words...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just another Monday...

Today started t-minus 9 weeks until the end of the school year... Should I be concerned that I have only been teaching since November and I'm already looking forward to Summer? Maybe, maybe not. I look forward to Summer because I am able to rest and relax, I am able to spend the entire two weeks my husband is home with him, without interruptions! I think that is the best part of my summers... spending time with my better half :)

We had to do a free write in my Reading class today and it was about Summer.... so I decided to write a little poem ...

Summer Time

Sweltering heat, mowing the yard
Caney lake, picnic, beach... 

hot dogs, ketchup, mustard, relish
4th of JULY, fireworks...

Hummingbirds, sweet red sugar
canoeing, swimming, ice cold lemonade...

my friend, my love
my better half, my Summer Time! 

So, it may not make since to most... it really doesn't make since to me... just wrote what I was thinking. 
9 more weeks until Summer Break! So, I'm singing the old ditty my dad would sing to us.... "Are you re-adY for the summ-ah? ... Are you READY for the summ-ah?"                                                                       

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In my Memaw's words...

My birthday before my Memaw went to be with Jesus in heaven she sent me a card. The outside of the card simply stated "It's all about the journey". I liked this card. So I held on to it... like I do many of my birthday cards. This card holds more meaning today, because it was in a sense her last words of wisdom to me. 

I received this card on my 22nd birthday in January of 2008. She passed in February of 2008. It's amazing how a simple card can leave such an impression on my heart. In the past three years I have remembered these words in my heart and in my mind when I am faced with difficult situations. 

At this time we are seeking God's will in our life and I think about my "Memaw's words".