Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Lance, Becka, & Kayla

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Birth Certificate

To some it's the typical document you receive in the mail some 4 to 6 months after your child is born certifying their birth. To us, it was not just a piece of paper, but a piece of paper that states the she is officially ours.

Although the adoption took place in June, we were still waiting on her birth certificate from the State Department. We were told it would take 4 to 6 months.

Today, her birth certificate came. I say those 5 words like I'm holding on to the last piece of the best chocolate cake, but it's even better than that! Those 5 words mean that we have a daughter, who is ours, forever. So, now it is as if she as biologically born to us on her birthday 4 1/2 years ago. She has been given the birthright into our family. When I was looking over it, it stuck out to me that under Lance's name and my name it had our ages at the time of her birth; at that time we were 25 and 26.

I was thinking back to that time period in our lives and am in awe to reflect on the fact that God knew, before she was even born, that today (11/12/15) we would receive the piece of paper stating she was ours. We didn't know. We were praying for God to fulfill our desires to have a child, and He did. He knew.

I think about that and how it is when we accept Jesus as our Savior and we are adopted into God's family. It's like God types us out a new birth certificate and gives us the birthright of being born into His family. Kayla now has that birthright of being born into our family, and no one can ever take that from her. Just like no one can ever take our salvation from us.

I'm not sure if this all makes sense to everyone, like it does to us, but I had to share. God is so good. It's not just a birth certificate or a legal document, it's a certificate to verify your birthright into a family.



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